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  • Mohd Yousufuddin
    Mohd Yousufuddin

    Nice video sharukh

  • The Unique Shivaay Aryan
    The Unique Shivaay Aryan

    In most of the videos GULLU DADA'S BIRYANI is must😂✌️😜😛.

  • Technical Singhji
    Technical Singhji

    "One People Who like This You Will Be A Billionaire One Day" "Good Luck For All"❤

  • Ghulam Khadar
    Ghulam Khadar

    Randi randwa aur bazu wala dallal, ye naam thek hai..

  • Shaily Singh
    Shaily Singh

    No vulgar words No abusing ......... Still it's awesome ❤️❤️

  • saqib Khan
    saqib Khan

    😝😝😝 triceps dekh ke washroom yaad aagaya😝😝 zabreeen ya habibi

  • murthujavali shaik
    murthujavali shaik

    Super bro Mera bhaijaan ka yaad aagaya sharukh dekko

  • Rohit Meena
    Rohit Meena

    Bhai jaan bahut khoob

  • Rizwana Sultana
    Rizwana Sultana

    Saala is awesome

  • ashraf khan
    ashraf khan

    Mast bhai

  • Sushil Singh
    Sushil Singh


  • sana guddu
    sana guddu

    Saala is too mast

  • sk asif
    sk asif

    Ha ha ha

  • Adnan khan
    Adnan khan

    maut vdo rehta hamesha ...... sensible n mature content rehta .... waz hilarious

  • Shaik Atif
    Shaik Atif

    Most funny yar

  • Leo david
    Leo david

    Please make videos with your brother in law. He is too funny and the best is how you talk to him.

  • Ayşe Fatıma
    Ayşe Fatıma

    i love zainab and shahrukh as couple

  • syed abdul azeem Quadri
    syed abdul azeem Quadri

    Realistic comedy fully enjoyable. Appreciate & expect this type of comedies in future.

  • happy life happy life
    happy life happy life

    Omg🤣🤣🤣 Billi aayi to apko bulata hoon wala awesome

  • Azher khan
    Azher khan

    Shahrukh you r gud your wife also gud acting and your mom also gud...


    Nice girl 👌👌👌



  • Md Jabbar
    Md Jabbar

    Kirack angar

  • Shaikh Mubashshir Hasan
    Shaikh Mubashshir Hasan

    Padosi wale ko kaise pataa chal gayaa ki kachraa unhi ke ghar kaa hai

  • Rahul Chhajer
    Rahul Chhajer

    Mazak tha buddy 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hyderabadi mom in Sharjah #Hyderabadimominsharjah
    Hyderabadi mom in Sharjah #Hyderabadimominsharjah

    Yeh bhaijaan ka saala mere ku Babut pasand ❤️ Yeh saale ka naam maloom kisku to bhi??

  • kuchbhi

    The last "nahi" was hilarious

  • Ayesha Rashid Shamsi
    Ayesha Rashid Shamsi

    From Agra Amazing videos Your Sis is sooooo cute Mashallah May God Bless you Both and your family

  • Jawad Jawad
    Jawad Jawad


  • varsha kapoor
    varsha kapoor

    Aap kaun se hyderabad se ho..india ya Pakistan

  • Aqueel Ahmed
    Aqueel Ahmed

    Best video hai , aur thoda agressive language rahenatha Bhai, Miya biwi ki conversation me

  • kafan ma dafan
    kafan ma dafan

    Shahrukh bhai ma bhi lelo hyderabad diaries ma plz


    2% of people who are watching this comments, I wish their parents still Alive for more than 100 years 👍 God bless u and u r family

  • Rahman sk Dm
    Rahman sk Dm


  • shiva kumar
    shiva kumar

    Aap Ka Ghar super hai house Pura batav

  • Amreens Cook With Passion
    Amreens Cook With Passion

    Nice video... Liked a lot.

  • Yogesh Vyawahare
    Yogesh Vyawahare

    Bhai best video 👍

  • Mohd Adil
    Mohd Adil

    Hahhahhaah kya bat h gym 💪💪💪💪

  • Habib Khan
    Habib Khan


  • md saleem Saleem
    md saleem Saleem

    U r vedios r osm yaar love u r every vedio

  • F2 time
    F2 time


  • Shaik Mubeen
    Shaik Mubeen

  • Shafia Kulsum
    Shafia Kulsum


  • InspirationalDamsel


  • Akhilesh Gandhe
    Akhilesh Gandhe

    I think it is one of the very few comedy channels without vulgarity & double meaning jokes..👍

    • toxic gamer YT
      toxic gamer YT

      THTS TRUE❤️

  • Akhilesh Gandhe
    Akhilesh Gandhe

    Coffee kaa peeyega..Khun peeyega..🤣

  • Sana Anwar
    Sana Anwar

    Hahahaha amazing i enjoyed alottttt

  • Mr MoHsiN
    Mr MoHsiN

  • Swati Sonawane
    Swati Sonawane

    Superb video 😀😀😀😀😀

  • Shamoon Hajeeb
    Shamoon Hajeeb

    Nice video

  • Life is Beautiful Vlog
    Life is Beautiful Vlog

    Wants to see more of zainab...

  • Aan Khan Aan Khan
    Aan Khan Aan Khan

    Inke urdu ese q hay?🤔so difficult to understand.

  • Navin Vijaykumar
    Navin Vijaykumar

    Bhaijaan.. aap aur aapke mazaka..🤣 u guys are fun..

  • Khan Creation
    Khan Creation

    Shahruuu bhai saale saab ku leke hi bnao videos

  • Hyderabadi Nawab
    Hyderabadi Nawab

  • Mohd. Zaid Khan
    Mohd. Zaid Khan

    Ek number

  • Sk. M Hussain
    Sk. M Hussain

    Tu O teri app bandh karle

  • Sai Siddarth
    Sai Siddarth

    😂😂🤣🤣awesome bro Fan from nirmal

  • Malik Khokhar
    Malik Khokhar

    Yr jani outstanding👌👌❤❤❤❤❤

  • sajid khan
    sajid khan


  • Fauziya Quraishi
    Fauziya Quraishi


  • muhammad sohail shareef
    muhammad sohail shareef

    I like that boy bhaijaan. Aap aapke mazaka.

  • Shahbaz Ghouri
    Shahbaz Ghouri

    Qali lapatlena pappiya lena dil bolra zubair bhai ki acting dekhke 😂😘😘❤️🙏 (bhai wala pyaar hai ye😌)

  • Md Nazi
    Md Nazi

    Aap ka Sala is superrrrrrr sir

  • Hijabi Muslimah
    Hijabi Muslimah

    Tu raat mein rakhri na its sooooooo funny hahahahah😂😂😂

  • Khadeer Shaik
    Khadeer Shaik

    Zainab di you are the best

  • Service to Humanity
    Service to Humanity

    Mr. Shahruk... what message your this kind of 'comedy' gives to the girls! There absolutely is nothing like entertaining or comedy.... it just represents the ugly side of a wife, which isn't the case in most of the hyderabadi girls, especially those who don't forget that one day they have to stand before Allah to give account of what they do here... moreover, Islam strictly denounce such a ugly kind of behavior of a wife, .. no "shareef" or noble family raise such kind of rubbish who wants to dominate the one who gives shelter, feeds, protects and takes well care .... Remember, for a boy, the parents are divisive - for jahannam or jannat, and for a girl, not the parents but her husband is the way to jahannam or jannah. Please get aware of the basic, at least, of Islam and see where does your so called comedy fits and what "rewards" Allah will give.... Such behavior of a wife towards her husband is highly punishable and undesirable in Islam, highly commanded against. I can't understand why the elders, Muslims, don't stop you from making such destructive videos where wife appears in the worst form known for women. Our women aren't that bad Mr. shahrukh. Unfortunately, we do all to earn this mortal wealth, for just a few years of life, while neglect the eternal life, and the death that seals all the deeds... there won't be any coming back to redo, or no remorse will help then.. Your other themes, thanks for entertaining us... but whatever you do, never forget that Islam has put a barrier, we can't cross it. Golden Hyerabadiz.. most of their episodes are either entertaining or offer some lesson. I admire Mr. Abdul Razzak.

    • Shehmeer Khan
      Shehmeer Khan

      Service to Humanity are lode youtube pe mat aa. Apna kaam kar

  • Sonia Singh
    Sonia Singh

    Hi shahruk this lady playing ur wife roll... dose not sutes with u replace her take more beautiful like ur sister mean playing ur sister roll

  • Mohemmed Shoaib
    Mohemmed Shoaib

    Good idias

  • The Noble five
    The Noble five

    Are kiraak yaro bhayi video 1 Number bhot hasa mayi sahi me. Thank you so much for this lovely video.

  • shk.ImadBoy shaik Imad Boy397
    shk.ImadBoy shaik Imad Boy397

    I want more videos plz

  • shk.ImadBoy shaik Imad Boy397
    shk.ImadBoy shaik Imad Boy397

    Superb yaar good job

  • Meenakshi Tawar
    Meenakshi Tawar

    Mast h video 👌👌👌💖💗💯💯💯💖💗💓💕❤💕❤❤💜❤😀❤❤

  • Know your purpose of life
    Know your purpose of life

    Subah subah 10 baje.. Sothe rahthe Ye hy haalath logo ki... Aisa rahetho nahoosath nai tho kya aathi...?

  • Azhrudeen Shaikh
    Azhrudeen Shaikh

    Great video

  • man aana
    man aana


  • Daval Sab
    Daval Sab

    Super videos iam enjoying

  • Sheheryar Arshad
    Sheheryar Arshad

    ammi wala vdo ammi wala vdo ammi wala vdo bus or kuch nahi hona

  • Blue skies.
    Blue skies.

    Aise Miyan rehe to jeete so ladai bhi haar jate 😂😂sahi

  • ayaz shah
    ayaz shah

    I am also hyderabadi I love u All 😘

  • ayaz shah
    ayaz shah

    Shahrukh i m from Pakistan

  • ayaz shah
    ayaz shah

    Aaj bacha liya saley ne hahaha

  • AfaQuE ahmed
    AfaQuE ahmed


  • Shadman abdulkalam Kalam
    Shadman abdulkalam Kalam

    Really nice 👍

  • mir azher
    mir azher

    Good video I like it, Zainab as usual rocks with her flow less dialogue delivery. Keep up the good work guys and thanks.

    • Abdul Naim Khan Zai
      Abdul Naim Khan Zai


    • InspirationalDamsel


    • Sohail Mohd
      Sohail Mohd



    PATI PATNI AUR PADOSI 1,066,929 views•16 Aug 2020 64K 1.2K SHARE SAVE Hyderabad Diaries 1.25M subscribers For Business Inquiry : Second Channel: Hyderabad Diaries Vlogs: 2,602 Comments LOOT GAMING Add a public comment... Mohammed Yahya Raheemi Mohammed Yahya Raheemi 2 weeks ago (edited) Bhaijan Ap Or Ye Apke Mazaqan Like This Comment Who Love This Dilough..😍 232 Saakii Khaan Saakii Khaan 1 day ago This Couple is Jus Luv❤❤ 2 SHUBHAM DHAKATE SHUBHAM DHAKATE 2 weeks ago (edited) Dude. You're just too amazing. The day i fell in love with hyderabad everything started to fall in the right time on a right place. My one and only dream city where i wanna spend my whole life. That hyderabadi accent is way too good. Even I'm trying to learn that. I love everything about this city including your videos and everything you put in those. Biggest fan bro. More love and keep it going. 💜💜💜 32 Faisal Tamboli Faisal Tamboli 2 weeks ago Full comedy...awsm acting of everone , sale sahab is best. always love you all 3 M. Tanzeem M. Tanzeem 2 days ago I love your videos. I watch these videos with my mom. My mom rarely watches anything. But she likes your videos. Keep making such videos. 1 TRUE MUSLIM TRUE MUSLIM 2 weeks ago It is an small invitation from my side for you all brothers and sisters to come and listen the peaceful and calming recitation of the holy Qur'an 96 s khan s khan 2 weeks ago Ap aur apkai mazzakaaaaaa... My favorite 105 Mohammed Saif Mohammed Saif 2 weeks ago This episode is based on a mysterious billi who is trying to instigate a fight between neighbors 😂😂 but at the end the peacekeeper brother in law saves everyone 21 All is well All is well 2 weeks ago Oh great I was looking forward to watch ur videos in INfun.... I reached today Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim 1 week ago Wow Amazing 😂😂 2 1K SUB's with Video CHALLENGE 1K SUB's with Video CHALLENGE 2 weeks ago Amazing It very Interesting content Afreen Haj Afreen Haj 2 weeks ago it was fun really enjoyed 31 Amjad Khan Amjad Khan 2 weeks ago Love it... good team 2 Hussain Patel Hussain Patel 1 day ago "Tu raat mein rakhri na" wow epic saarib Ayaan saarib Ayaan 2 weeks ago Finally Hyderabad Diaries video so excited 23 Maaz shaikh Maaz shaikh 1 hour ago Isse zyada acha INfunr koi hai hi nahi just love this stories❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹 Dr. Parwaz Mahmud 2 weeks ago (edited) Hahaha... Best!! 😂 Yasmeen Jahan 2 weeks ago 😘it was so so so funny 😍 1 Javed Khan 2 weeks ago 🤣🤣🤣 amazing sharukh 2 Salma SA 2 weeks ago Really u r awesome yaar.,.. laughing laughing tooo much❣️😂😂😂 4 Up next AUTOPLAY 10:02 NOW PLAYING CHOTI SIS VS BADA BRO AUR AMMI Hyderabad Diaries 1.1M views 1 week ago 8:32 NOW PLAYING FilterCopy | If Salary Were A Person | Ft. Wamiqa Gabbi and Veer Rajwant Singh FilterCopy 12M views 2 years ago 9:36 NOW PLAYING PATI PATNI AUR SAALA 2.0 Hyderabad Diaries 1.3M views 1 month ago 6:59 NOW PLAYING ACHA DOST VS KAMINA DOST || Hyderabad Diaries Hyderabad Diaries 452K views 11 months ago 12:00 NOW PLAYING INSANE PRISON ESCAPE in Minecraft Mythpat Recommended for you 6:09 NOW PLAYING AMMI VS SOCIAL MEDIA (INSTAGRAM, SNAPCHAT, FACEBOOK) Hyderabad Diaries 1.3M views 1 month ago 10:43 NOW PLAYING EXAMS AUR INVIGILATORS..!! || Hyderabad Diaries Hyderabad Diaries 1.2M views 1 year ago 6:52 NOW PLAYING WHEN TWO FRIENDS LIKE THE SAME GIRL (Watch till end..) || Hyderabad Diaries Hyderabad Diaries 1.7M views 2 years ago 12:23 NOW PLAYING CHOTI SIS KI DOST 2.0 Hyderabad Diaries 1.5M views 1 month ago 12:18 NOW PLAYING CHOTI SIS BADA BRO AUR SUMMERS Hyderabad Diaries 2.2M views 3 months ago 8:58 NOW PLAYING PATI PATNI AUR SAAS || Hyderabad Diaries Hyderabad Diaries 4.2M views 8 months ago 8:01 NOW PLAYING CHOTI SIS KA BOYFRIEND PRANK! Hyderabad Diaries 1.3M views 1 month ago 7:44 NOW PLAYING WIFE, HUSBAND AUR EX-GIRLFRIEND || Hyderabad Diaries Hyderabad Diaries 1.8M views 1 year ago 11:32 NOW PLAYING GULLY BOYS: DUBAI RETURN! Hyderabad Diaries 1M views 1 year ago 10:20 NOW PLAYING HYDERABADI KAAM-WAALI LIFE || #HyderabadDiaries Hyderabad Diaries 3.8M views 1 year ago 9:39 NOW PLAYING The Mummy | Ashish Chanchlani ashish chanchlani vines 27M views 1 year ago 10:02 NOW PLAYING SHAADI KI REALITY! Hyderabad Diaries 795K views 7 months ago 7:24 NOW PLAYING PATI PATNI AUR SAALA || Hyderabad Diaries Hyderabad Diaries 2.4M views 8 months ago 10:59 NOW PLAYING PATI PATNI AUR SHAADI KAY R

  • Asha Gupta
    Asha Gupta

    Your house awesome

  • Maaz Shaikh
    Maaz Shaikh

    Isse zyada acha INfunr koi hai hi nahi just love this stories❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹

  • Zaheer Abbas Sheikh
    Zaheer Abbas Sheikh


  • Mehendi by Ahoor
    Mehendi by Ahoor

  • Pankaj k
    Pankaj k

    1 number...😅😅😅

  • Fairoz Sumaiya
    Fairoz Sumaiya

    What are you doing

  • Fairoz Sumaiya
    Fairoz Sumaiya

    Nice video loved you sharoke I'm little boy rehan please make video I'm india

    • Fairoz Sumaiya
      Fairoz Sumaiya

      You are sister very smart but you are very very smart I'm rehan

  • Kaleem Khalifa
    Kaleem Khalifa

    Mast hai bhai

  • Syed Khaja
    Syed Khaja

    Nice bhai😂😂😂😂😂

  • Saakii Khaan
    Saakii Khaan


  • Saakii Khaan
    Saakii Khaan

    This Couple is Jus Luv❤❤

    • RDJ3000

      unlog real couple nai hai btw.. behen ji, dont take them seriously

  • Danish Naveed
    Danish Naveed

    Akhri tha ye video buddyyyy.....

  • Hussain Patel
    Hussain Patel

    "Tu raat mein rakhri na" wow epic

  • Ajay Singh Marandi
    Ajay Singh Marandi

    Snax vibe🏇💥